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Bedside table

Bedside tables are an essential piece of furniture in any bedroom, providing both functional and aesthetic value. A well-designed bedside table can not only enhance the overall look of a bedroom but can also provide storage for books, lamps, and other essentials. These bedside tables are selected from top design brands, there are countless options to choose from, each with its unique style and aesthetic. When selecting a design bedside table from a top brand, it's important to consider the overall style and aesthetic of the bedroom. Whether you're looking to create a modern, minimalist bedroom or a luxurious, high-end space, a well-curated collection of design bedside tables can be the perfect finishing touch.

Bedside table

  1. Reflex Angelo Night-stand Segno

    Reflex Angelo Night-stand Segno is designed by Pininfarina for Reflex Angelo Group.
    As low as €3,714.90
  2. Novamobili Bedside Cliff is designed by Matteo Zorzenoni for Novamobili...

    Price on request
  3. Lago Bedside Table UpGlass

    Lago Bedside Table UpGlass is designed by Daniele Lago for Lago Brand.
    Special Price €1,289.53 Regular Price €1,553.65
  4. Tonelli Bedside Table Zen is designed by Gonzo & Vicari for Tonelli Design.
    Price on request
  5. Giorgetti Bedside Cabinet Frame is designed by Carlo Colombo for Giorgetti.
    Price on request
  6. Porada bookcase Cell is designed by Marelli & Molteni for Porada.
    Price on request
  7. Lago bedside table 36e8

    Lago bedside 36e8 is designed by Daniele Lago for Lago.
    Special Price €825.65 Regular Price €994.75
  8. Fiam bedside Dino, dark brown drawer

    Fiam bedside Dino is made by CRS Fiam. 

    As low as €1,379.58
  9. Fiam drawer Luminare 3 drawers, White

    Fiam drawer Luminare 3 drawers is designed by Roberto Paoli for Fiam.

    As low as €1,180.96
  10. Fiam drawer Rialto

    Fiam drawer Rialto, is made by Fiam thanks to the CRS Fiam, that is a research and development ce...

    Special Price €1,170.22 Regular Price €1,329.80