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This collection of showcases, selected from the best manufacturers and designers, can meet the needs of anyone looking to display their prized possessions in a stylish and sophisticated manner. From glass cases to wood cabinets, there are a wide variety of showcases available to suit different tastes and purposes, all enriched by the Made in Italy style and quality. These showcases are an essential addition to any home or office that values elegance and sophistication. With a range of designs and styles to choose from, you can easily find a showcase that suits your needs and reflects your unique personality.


  1. Reflex Angelo Sideboard London

    Reflex Angelo Sideboard London is designed by E...

    As low as €5,877.96
  2. Fiam low showcase Echo

    Fiam showcase Echo is designed by Marcel Wanders Studio for Fi...

    As low as €6,071.21
  3. Tonelli Bookcase Dazibao is designed by Gonzo & Vicari for Porada.
    Price on request
  4. Porada bookcase Cell is designed by Marelli & Molteni for Porada.
    Price on request
  5. Giorgetti cabinet Clair de Lune is designed by Design MVW for Giorgetti
    Price on request
  6. Giorgetti Cabinet Origami is designed by Massimo Castagna for Giorgetti.
    Price on request
  7. Fiam showcase Magique Totem, Smoked Glass

    Fiam showcase Magique Totem, is made by Fiam, thanks to Studio Klass design.

    Special Price €2,501.49 Regular Price €2,842.60
  8. Fiam showcase Palladio Uno, Transparent Glass-White Back-Painted

    Fiam showcase Palladio Uno is designed by Vittorio Livi for Fiam.

    As low as €3,714.66
  9. Fiam showcase Palladio, Transparent Glass-Walnut

    Fiam showcase Palladio is designed by Vittorio Livi for Fiam.

    As low as €3,113.44
  10. Fiam showcase Aura, Trasparent Glass-Matt Black

    Fiam showcase Aura is designed by Patrick Jouin for Fiam.

    Special Price €6,006.79 Regular Price €6,825.90
  11. Fiam showcase Milo Day, Transparent Glass-Extralight Glass

    Fiam Showcase Milo Day is designed by Ilaria Marelli For Fiam.

    As low as €3,220.80
  12. Fiam Showcase Pliè, Brown-Gray

    Fiam Showcase Pliè is designed by Studio Klass for Fiam.

    As low as €7,579.62